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Summer Track

Summer track runs from May 30th to the end of July at the USATF National Junior Olympics.  TSF has athletes competing in just about every distance from the 100m to the 3200m. We have a highly successful program with many of our athletes qualifying for the National Junior Olympics, and we also have several of the top high school athletes in the state. TSF should have a much bigger team this year, but we expect the same high end results.   We plan on competing in more of the local twilight meets this summer, in addition to the USATF meets.  

Cost for summer track is $75 per month, $100/month to add strength training (hs athlets only).  If the athletes wish to compete in USATF they will need to get a USATF membership, $30 (we can purchase it for you as well).  Cost for the meets is minimal, $7-$15 per event in general.  Practice is held at Saghalie Middle School or Decatur High School from 6-8pm Mon, Weds, and Fri depending on the time of year.

We currently have programs for sprints (100m-400m), long and triple jumps, and mid-distance (800m-3000m).


Track Pre-Competition Training

Pre-comp training begins on Jan 18th this year.  This is pre-season training for the outdoor track season.   It also doubles as a speed and conditioning program for non track athletes.  During this time we focus on building a solid base of fitness for spring track.  We have programs for sprint and distance that give athletes the foundation they need to stay fast and injury free.  We also run some indoor meets during this time for those interested. This program proves to be very successful year after year, the results speak for themselves.

Cost is $75 for the entire six week training period.  We are meeting at Saghalie Middle School Mon, Weds, and Fri from 330-530pm.  


High school xc runners can join us for summer training designed specifically to improve and develop athletes for the upcoming xc season. This year we are adding a weekly (or almost weekly) trail run on Saturdays. Trail running is a fun and challenging way to add some variability into summer training. We will likely meet at Studio 1 and carpool to a location, Tiger Mountain being the most convenient place to go. Other locations TBD.  

For high school athletes wishing to continue running after the high school xc season, we will be coaching athletes up for the big national meets; Nike XC, Foot Locker, and USATF Nationals.

Winter Base Training

Winter base training is for distance athletes.  This period of training usually lasts from 4-6 weeks, and consists of building mileage and conditioning for the upcoming year.  The work varies by athlete.  We tend to work on weaknesses and instability issues at this time. There is no cost for this training.

Year Round Sprint Training

We do have year round training for sprinters that do not compete in other sports in the fall and winter.  This is for high school and older athletes only.  Coach Frank only takes sprinters for this program on a case by case basis.  Contact us for details.

Speed and Conditioning for Other Sports

One of the things that is becoming more and more apparent is the lack of solid running mechanics and conditioning in young athletes.  Kids are more likely to be sedentary and out of shape these days, and often not active enough in crucial periods of their physical development to attain critical speed and running economy.  TSF offers speed and conditioning camps for sports teams (football, baseball, soccer, basketball, etc), and for individuals, to help them develop fitness and top level speed.  For those looking for an edge over their competition, we can help!  Coach Frank has years experience as a personal trainer, and has coached athletes of all levels and sports.  Drop us a line and we will do our best to give you a fair price and a solid program.